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Below are the works that have won the eCon Awards Voting and awarded the eCon Awards 2008 for Animation, Artwork, Game and Broadcast of the Year. Interview with the Contributor of the Year is also listed below. A big congratulation to the winners and many thanks to all the contributors!

eCon Awards 2008: Contributor of the Year
Jeremiah Lee Jeremiah Lee (Jerry) is our PowerPoint Artworks Specialist. He joined PowerPoint Heaven on December 03, 2006. Jerry began using PowerPoint because of his interest in arts and animations. He specializes in drawing comic and human characters using PowerPoint. He takes every character he draws into deep details by adding cel shading, facial expressions and life to these drawings...

eCon Awards 2008: Animation of the Year
AutoShapes Art: Inspiration AutoShapes Art: Inspiration
January 01, 2008
An inspiring piece of artwork done using PowerPoint AutoShapes and well synchronized with the beat of the music. AutoShapes Art: Inspiration achieved 160 of 327 (49%) votes.

eCon Awards 2008: Artwork of the Year
Colorful Colorful
Gary Andrew A. L. (Radz)
May 12, 2008
An artwork featuring 4 girls on a vibrant background. Colorful achieved 80 of 192 (42%) votes.

eCon Awards 2008: Game of the Year
Pixel Scene Pixel Scene
Anthony Barfield
August 27, 2008
Are you in the mood for more than one game at a time? In Pixel Scene, you will be able to play a variety of mini games! Play a maze game, an action game, use the avatar creator, practice with targets, and so much more! Pixel Scene achieved 42 of 122 votes (34%) votes.

eCon Awards 2008: Broadcast of the Year
Infiltration PowerPoint Movie: Infiltration (Preview)
Jeremiah Lee (Jerry)
December 30, 2007 (Special Entry)
Infiltration is a PowerPoint Movie featuring advanced PowerPoint animations by Jeremiah Lee. The story goes about a stick figure who risk her life to rescue her mate by infiltrating into a highly defended city. Infiltration achieved 50 of 90 (56%) votes.

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