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Creating a Torn Paper Effect

Submitted by Sandra Johnson. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a torn paper effect using PowerPoint editing tools.

Download: Torn Paper Effect

  1. Using the Freeform Line Tool from the AutoShapes menu, draw a shape similar to this. Draw the edge of the AutoShape that is nearest the image to look like a tear. Select a Line Color that is similar to the image you are editing. Select a Fill Color that is contrasting to the image.

    Figure 1: Draw a tear edge autoshape using FreeForm tool.

  2. Select both the original image and the newly drawn image. Select: Edit > Cut.

    Figure 2: Selecting both images.

  3. Select Edit > Paste Special. In the Paste Special dialog box select Picture (PNG). Hit OK. Note: For PowerPoint 2000 and below, select Picture (JPEG) instead.

    Figure 3: Paste as a PNG.

  4. Select the new PNG image. Using the Set Transparent Color Tool in the Picture Tool bar, clear the contrasting color from the AutoShape.

    Figure 4: Clear the fill color of the AutoShape using Set Transparent Color Tool.

  5. Keeping the PNG selected, use the Crop Tool in the Picture Tool bar to crop out the Line Color of the AutoShape.

    Figure 5: Crop out the Line Color of the AutoShape.

  6. The result is an image that appears to have a torn edge.

    Figure 6: Image with torn edge.

  7. If desired, add a drop shadow using the pptXTREME SoftShadow add-in.

    Figure 7: Adding a drop shadow.

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