Cool Add-Ins - LiveLoop
Real-time Collaboration

Introduction: LiveLoop is a software that allows you to upload and share your presentations with others and allows real-time collaborations, allowing you to make changes to the same PowerPoint presentation when working in teams to design a PowerPoint presentation.

Link: LiveLoop

Price: Free

Version: 1.0

Notable Features:
  • PowerPoint sharing
  • Real-Time collaboration

Walkthrough: Download and installation of LiveLoop is free. Once the installation is complete, the LiveLoop toolbar will be added onto the PowerPoint ribbon.

Figure 1: LiveLoop toolbar

From here, you will be prompted to sign up. This is easy to do as you only need to fill in your e-mail address and your preferred password.

Figure 2: Signing up is quick and easy

After signing up and logging in, you can now upload PowerPoint files and share them with your collaborators.

Figure 3: Sending invites to collaborators

Figure 4: Overview of the PowerPoint and the LiveLoop tab

Now any changes made to the PowerPoint will be synced via LiveLoop and your collaborators will be able to see the most updated version of the file. As compared to PowerPoint presentation in Google Doc, LiveLoop offers the capability of sharing and collaborating on the same file by multiple users at the same time with the added advantage of having all the flexibility of Microsoft PowerPoint.

Figure 5: Files tab

The file tab allows you to view all the documents that is either owned by you or shared with you. The add files and delete button is also at the bottom which allows for these actions to be performed easily if needed. However, there isnít any way to sort out the PowerPoint files with labels like in Google Doc.

Figure 6: Document tab

This tab tells you the status of the collaborators of the open PowerPoint by letting you see who are currently editing the document and on which slide they are currently on. This allows you to see who is currently online and who is not.

Figure 7: History tab

The list of changes made to the document is listed and makes it possible to track who made changes to the document and it can be filtered by the time of modification. The slide changed is also highlighted by the number at the left side. Comments can be made to notify your team about the type of changes made. This allows for better communication via LiveLoop and would be easier than contacting your collaborators via other means or having to tag additional comments which could be needed for collaboration on Google Doc.

Figure 8: Chat tab

Even after closing and restarting PowerPoint, the chat box is uncleared. This means that collaborators can refer to past messages about discussions such as when to meet online to edit the document again. It allows you to continue your discussion the next time you are online again.

LiveLoop is thus a software that is extremely useful for project collaborations when making PowerPoint presentation. LiveLoop's design is quite simple and instinctive to use. For anyone wanting to try out a collaboration platform for PowerPoint, LiveLoop is a good choice.

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