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Evolution Warriors Series

In the Northern part of China, there lived a man with great powers named Fury Demon. He was nicknamed as the ‘Swift Killer’ due his killing style. He had groomed two gifted young warriors and under his guidance, they have mastered much of his phenomenal powers.

Fury X, having the ultimate goal of dominating the world, had not been able to see eye to eye with his brother, Fury Light. Few months ago, their battle had left undecided as their prowess were matched equally.

They have made a death pact dating one year from then. And this time, nothing would be catastrophic enough to stop this battle till their death.

Note: For better quality and performance, you MUST enable the “Use Hardware Graphics Acceleration” feature (Click Slide Show > Set Up Show. Put a checkmark to "Use Hardware Graphics Acceleration", Click Ok.).

  • Evolution Warriors
    Date Published: June 08, 2006
    Click here to download
    Submitted by Boo Jia Hao. Evolution Warriors is a PowerPoint Movie inspired by Shadow Fighter. This movie contains 1,500+ custom animations and all graphics are done entirely with PowerPoint's AutoShapes. Evolution Warriors is a Fade Motion production, which slightly differs from the Full Motion found in Shadow Fighter, another PowerPoint Movie series produced by PowerPoint Heaven.

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