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Shadow Fighter Series

Shadow Fighters are apprentices with magical powers from the Shadow Empire. Trained to be merciless since young, they become apprentice of shadow magic and will be sent to the Shadow of Death Tournament to become a Shadow Warrior. This is a survival of the fittest match, only one will remain to become a Shadow Warrior.

  • Shadow Fighter
    Date Published: March 29, 2006
    Click here to download
    Shadow Fighter is a 30 seconds animated show or movie done in PowerPoint mimicking the style of Arcade Fighting games. This sample shows how PowerPoint can do animations similar to Macromedia Flash. The animated show also features an additional Cut Scene.

  • Shadow Fighter The Movie
    Date Published: May 21, 2006
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    This is the sequel of the first original PowerPoint Movie - Shadow Fighter. Shadow Fighter The Movie features another round of battle between the white and blue Shadow Fighter. The main movie lasts for about 1 minutes and 20 seconds, bringing you more excitement! The fight will take you through both land and aerial battle within Shadow Empire. A total of 367 custom animations are used to create the fight scenes! You will also see extreme complex motion pathings. Imagine 100+ motion paths on a single slide! And not to forget, watch out for the ultimate Fallen Shadow attack, the coolest and mightiest attack!

    Note: Before you start, ensure that your Display Setting has been adjusted to the highest color quality. Go to the Display Properties and adjust the color quality under Display Settings to 24 bit or 32 bit. Quality of the movie maybe affected if you are using 16 bit and lower.

    To achieve better quality and performance, you MUST enable the “Use Hardware Graphics Acceleration” feature (Click Slide Show > Set Up Show. Put a checkmark to "Use Hardware Graphics Acceleration", Click Ok.)

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These are not the main movies for Shadow Fighter. They are created for leisure and entertainment purposes.
  • Shadow Fighter - Shadow and Light
    Date Published: May 18, 2006
    Click here to download
    Shadow and Light is a short animation that I have done out of boredom. Just for laughs!

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