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Below are the works that have won the eCon Awards Voting and awarded the eCon Awards 2009 for Animation, Artwork, and Game of the Year. Interview with the Contributor of the Year is also listed below. A big congratulation to the winners and many thanks to all the contributors!

eCon Awards 2009: Contributor of the Year
Colin Neal Colin Neal is our PowerPoint Artworks Specialist. He joined PowerPoint Heaven on March 02, 2009. Colin is a full time lecturer for Hull College teaching Game Design, Digital Graphics, Web Design, Computer Animation and other areas in IT. His teaching area involves a lot of graphic works. Colin specializes in digital arts and realistic human portraits using PowerPoint and Paint Shop Pro.

eCon Awards 2009: Animation of the Year
iPhone with PowerPoint Ad iPhone with PowerPoint Ad
April 20, 2009
Inspired by the iPhone commercial, this is a parody of the commercial showing you the iPhone with PowerPoint application installed. iPhone with PowerPoint Ad achieved 62 of 230 (27%) votes.

eCon Awards 2009: Artwork of the Year
Captain Jack Sparrow Captain Jack Sparrow
Colin Neal
April 07, 2009
An impressive artwork of Captain Jack Sparrow, done with complex layering and techniques. Captain Jack Sparrow achieved 43 of 95 (45%) votes.

eCon Awards 2009: Game of the Year
Shoot Out Shoot Out
Trevor Odelberg (Vector Studios)
January 18, 2009
A PowerPoint shooting game featuring robust score system done using VBA, complete with ammo and multipliers. Run out of ammo and you lose! Shoot Out achieved 36 of 98 votes (37%) votes.

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