Animations - Creating Basic Timers
Create Basic Timers using Custom Animation

Submitted by Graham Shaw. This tutorial shows you how to create a basic timer that allows you to countdown during a presentation or game.

Download: Creating Basic Timers

  1. First of all to start, you need a shape that will be your timer. The recommended shapes are circular or rectangular.

  2. Next, you have to start animating the shapes. Click Slide Show > Custom Animation. Click Add Effect > Exit > Wheel. Set number of Spokes to 1. Right click on the timeline and click “show advanced timeline.” Set it to 20.0 seconds and to start with previous.

  3. Create a new slide and decorate it as you want for the time’s up slide.

  4. Go back to the previous slide and create an action button or time’s up image that hyperlinks to the time’s up slide. Once you have done that, right click and select Action Setting > Mouse Over. Select Hyperlink to. Click on the dropdown and click 'Slide...'. Select the Timer Slide.

  5. Finally, add an entrance effect to the time’s up image and set it to After Previous.

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