Others - Teleporting Effect
Tutorial on teleporting an object using Motion Path

In this tutorial, you will learn how to teleport an object such as AutoShape and text from one position to another by making use of PowerPoint XP/2002's Motion Path animation.

Download: Teleporting Effect

The PowerPoint Game, Christmas Room Escape, is an example that has extensive use on Teleport effect.
  1. Firstly, click on the object you want to teleport.
  2. Then, click Slide Show > Custom Animation.
  3. Under the Custom Animation Panel, click Add Effect > Motion Paths > Right (Or any other path will do).
  4. A Motion Path will appear. The green arrow represents the starting position, the red arrow represents the ending position, and the dotted line represents the moving path itself.
  5. Click on the Motion Path.
  6. Place your mouse over the red arrow, which is the end position of the motion path.
  7. Click and hold on the red arrow. Drag the red arrow to the green arrow. Make sure that the dotted line cannot be seen anymore. This will prevent the object from moving.
  8. At the Path setting, set the Path: "Unlocked" to "Locked". This allows you to secure the path so that you can modify the start position without interrupting the end position.
  9. Now, you can click on the object and adjust the start position anywhere you like.
  10. Set the Path: "Locked" back to "Unlocked" if you need to adjust the end position.

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