Stacking/Overlapping/Layering Animations - Spiral Effect
Tutorial on Spiral Effect for Text

I have experimented many ways to create a spiral effect on text. This requires the overlapping technique. The simplest way is to make use of Pinwheel Entrance effect to do the job, while the best way to create the most realistic impact is to have combination of different effects. The drawback on creating spiral effect is that it only works well on high-end computers, while on older computers, you may experience retrograde effect. The best solution is to keep the text small. In this tutorial, you will learn the simple way of creating a spiral animation by making use of the Pinwheel Entrance effect. On the other hand, if you are interested in trying out the harder ways, feel free to download the PowerPoint file.

Download: Download Spiral Effect

  1. Click on the textbox button, then click on a blank area within the slide and drag horizontally so that the textbox is wide enough for us to animate.

  2. Now, type some text in the textbox.

  3. Then click Format which can be found in the menu bar. Click Alignment > Distributed.

  4. Right click on the text and click on Custom Animation.

  5. Click Add Effect > Entrance and click on More Effects.

  6. Under the Exciting section, click on Pinwheel (The speed should be Medium by default while the Animate Text setting under Effect Options should be All at once).

  7. Right click on the border of the text so that it allows you to copy the textbox. Click Copy.

  8. Now Right click and select Paste. Repeat this step 3 times. This makes a total of 5 textboxes appearing on the slide.

  9. Now, move and adjust all the textboxes so that all of them overlap one another perfectly so that it looks as if there is only one textbox on the slide.

  10. Modify the second, third, fourth and fifth Pinwheel effect setting by changing the Start: “On Click” to “With Previous”.

  11. Now right click on the second Pinwheel effect and click on Effect Options.

  12. Click on the Timing tab and set the Delay to 0.1 seconds. Click OK. Repeat this step for the third, fourth and fifth Pinwheel effect, but add an additional 0.1 seconds to the next one. For example: 0.2 for the (third Pinwheel effect), 0.3 for the (fourth Pinwheel effect).

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