Stacking/Overlapping/Layering Animations - Snake Trail Effect
Creating a Snake Trail using Motion Path

Submitted by Ted Thayer. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a snake trail effect using PowerPoint's Motion Path.

Download: Snake Trail Effect

  1. First, create an AutoShape and insert a custom path from Custom Animation.

    Figure 1: Motion Path > Draw Custom Path > Curve.

  2. Make several copies of the original AutoShape.

    Figure 2: Make several copies.

  3. Move all the AutoShapes to one area, until they cover each other up.

    Figure 3: Stack the AutoShapes.

  4. Under Custom Animation, time each AutoShape so it moves 0.1 second delay from the previous one. You can do this easily by using the advanced timeline. (Right click on the Custom Path effect, select Show Advanced Timeline.)

    Figure 4: Add 0.1 second for successive custom path.

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