Miscellaneous Tutorials - Slide numbering – XX of YY
Tutorial on Slide numbering – XX of YY

Scenario: You want to have slides numbers like 2 of 5 ('Current page' of 'Total page'), but in PowerPoint, it is only possible to display the current page number.

Solution: You can use VBA to do so. PowerPoint MVP Bill Dilworth has a SaveSelection add-in that does the job. Click here for more information. On the other hand, here's a Do-It-Yourself that you may want to try out.

Download: Slide numbering - XX of YY

  1. After completing your presentation, click View > Master > Slide Master.
  2. Click on the Number Area that can be found at the bottom right hand corner in the Slide Master.
  3. Click on '<#>'.
  4. Make sure that the text is not highlighted. If it is, press the right arrow key.
  5. Press spacebar, then type in 'of YY'. Replace YY with the total numbers of slides you have. The final product should look something like this: "<#> of 5".
  6. You can then move the Number Area to the center.
  7. Close Master View.
  8. Click Insert > Slide Number.
  9. Put a checkmark on Slide number. Click Apply to All.
  10. Repeat the steps again if you have created any new slide.

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