Animations - Realistic Walk
Create a Walking Character using Custom Animation

Submitted by Zum Zum. This tutorial shows you how to animate a walking character using Custom Animation.

Download: Realistic Walk

  1. Create your character, the character has to have 2 arms, 2 legs and a body. The arms have to consist of at least 2 main parts, the part above your knee and below. Same with the arms, two parts, above the elbow and below. You have to group the leg but not the arm!

  2. Duplicate the leg [ctrl D] and flip it over by selecting the object and pulling the bottom white square [that should appear once you click it in a box thing] up, up and up until you have a complete flip! Fiddle with this so it tessellates with the top of the leg. Make the copied leg have no fill and no outline. Then without clicking anything else group these 2 objects. Do the same with the arm, except not as a whole. Do it individually placing the invisible objects tessellating with each section. Top and below the elbow. It’s very important that you get this right!

  3. Copy the arms and the legs so you have a pair of arms and a pair of legs. Place them on the body where needed. Now this is where stuff starts to take formation. Make the legs tilted away from each other sort of facing outwards. Now to add the custom animation part. Right click on an object then hit “custom animation” or in PP07 click the animations tab then hit custom animation. From there add the custom animation in emphasis “spin” you don’t want the legs to spin the same way or make them spin all the way around so adjust the properties whether you want running or walking. Warning the next step might be really frustrating to pull off.

  4. Now for the arms. Place them on the body where needed. Then add the spin effects except make the lower part of the arm have a motion path that follows the top part of the arm. This can take a while getting the bottom part of the arm to follow the top part. But persist and you will get it eventually. Put them on the body where needed and your done!! CONGRATULATIONS (assuming you got every step perfect)

  5. You can then add stuff to fly past the thing that you have animated so it actually looks like it’s walking. Like stones and vine things. You can also add a sort of bobbing motion to the head so it looks more realistic. To improvise the walking effect, you can also animate the feet, the same way you animate the hands and legs.

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