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Tutorial on Retain image quality when Emphasis: Grow

Scenario: Often when doing a presentation, you may want to enlarge an image using Emphasis: Grow effect in PowerPoint 2002/XP and above. You probably want to show a clearer view of a photograph. But enlarging with the Grow effect often ends up getting the image blurry/jagged. Now it looks ugly, you wouldn't want to show others an enlarged but poor quality picture, do you?

Solution: When inserting the image, have it at the enlarged size. If you shrink the image and then enlarge it again, the quality will retain. But how do you shrink an image without the audience knowing? See the steps below.

Download: Image Enlarge

  1. First of all, in your photo editing program, you will need to save the image at the enlarged size, if not, the image will still be blurry when you resize it.
  2. After you have your image, click Insert > Picture > From File.
  3. Browse for the image, then click Insert.
  4. Have the image at the enlarged size. If it is not at the enlarged size, resize it so that it is at the enlarged size. This step is not compulsory unless you want to make the image bigger.
  5. Click Slide Show > Custom Animation.
  6. Select the image, click Add Effect > Exit > Disappear.
    This allows the image to become hidden so that it can resize itself without the audience noticing. Hence, the shrinking process is hidden.
  7. Set the Start: "On Click" to "After Previous".
  8. Click Add Effect > Emphasis > Grow/Shrink.
  9. Set the Start: "On Click" to "After Previous".
  10. Set the Speed: "Medium" to "0.01 seconds".
    This allows the hidden image to shrink very quickly.
  11. Set the Size: "150%" to "25%".
    This means that the size will shrink down 4 times of its original size. To enlarge it back to the actual size, you will need to multiple 100% by 4, which is equivalent to 400%.
  12. Click Add Effect > Entrance > Appear.
    This makes the shrunken image appear. You can also use other Entrance Effect instead of Appear.
  13. Set the Start: "On Click" to "After Previous".
  14. Click Add Effect > Emphasis > Grow/Shrink.
  15. Keep the Start as "On Click".
    This allows the image to be enlarged only when you press Enter key, or mouse click.
  16. Set the Size: "150%" to "400%".

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