Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 - Visual Tour
OfficeArt Effects on Shapes and Images

OfficeArt is the graphics platform for the Microsoft Office System. The dynamic OfficeArt in PowerPoint 2007 allows you to spice up your plain presentation with just a few clicks. It is simple and easy to use. No advance technique is required.

In this visual tour, you will be able to see how OfficeArt effects can be applied onto shapes and images, and also some samples on pre-made effects.

Download: OfficeArt

The interface in Office 2007 has been redesigned. The plain old toolbars have now been replaced with ribbons. Below is an example of how PowerPoint 2007 looks like.

Figure 1: Interface in PowerPoint 2007

Lets start off with the shape effects. When you add a shape onto the slide, a Drawing Tools Format tab will appear. This Format tab allows you to make changes to the appearance of the shape. Click Shape Effects (under Shape Styles) > Preset. There are 12 presets ready made for you.

Figure 2: 12 Presets

Using a triangle shape, here's how each of the preset looks like when it has been applied.

Figure 3: 12 triangles with different presets.

Next, we will take a look at Quick Styles. Quick Styles are a collection of formatting options. Unlike presets, they do not contain 3D rotations. There are 7 sets of colors which you can choose from. You can also change the color sets by choosing another Theme Colors from the Design tab. The Quick Styles can be accessed from either the Home or Drawing Tools Format Tab.

Figure 4: Quick Styles

Each set of colors contains 6 different styles:
  1. Colored Outline
  2. Colored Filled
  3. Light 1 Outline, Colored Filled
  4. Subtle Effect
  5. Moderate Effect
  6. Intense Effect

Figure 5: 6 triangles applied with different Quick Styles.

An advantage of using Quick Styles is that it is controlled by Theme Effects (Under Design tab). For instance, if you change to a different Theme Effects, all quick styles will then have another set of formattings.

Figure 6: Opulent Theme Effect

Figure 7: Metro Theme Effect

You can also try mixing with different combinations. For instance, the reflection setting contains 9 Variations which you can choose from.

Figure 8: Reflection Variations

Below is an example of 3 similar shapes with Full Reflection, Half Reflection and Tight Reflection applied respectively.

Figure 9: Reflection Variations: Full Reflection, Half Reflection and Tight Reflection

Here's how it looks like with Metro Effect applied.

Figure 10: Theme Effect: Metro applied.

In addition, you can also apply Metro Color.

Figure 11: Theme Color: Metro applied.

Now, let us take a look at the Quick Styles that can be applied to Pictures. There are 28 Quick Styles for Pictures. These Quick Styles can be accessed through Picture Tools Format tab.

Figure 12: Quick Styles for Pictures

The 28 Quick Styles for Pictures are:
  1. Simple Frame, White
  2. Beveled Matte, White
  3. Metal Frame
  4. Drop Shadow Rectangle
  5. Reflected Rounded Rectangle
  6. Soft Edge Rectangle
  7. Double Frame, Black
  8. Thick Matte, Black
  9. Simple Frame, Black
  10. Beveled Oval, Black
  11. Compound Frame, Black
  12. Moderate Frame, Black
  13. Center Shadow Rectangle
  14. Rounded Diagonal Corner, White
  15. Snip Diagonal Corner, White
  16. Moderate Frame, White
  17. Rotated, White
  18. Perspective Shadow, White
  19. Relaxed Perspective Shadow, White
  20. Soft Edge Oval
  21. Bevel Rectangle
  22. Bevel Perspective
  23. Reflected Perspective Right
  24. Bevel Perspective Left, White
  25. Reflected Bevel, Black
  26. Reflected Bevel, White
  27. Metal Rounded Rectangle
  28. Metal Oval

Figure 13: Quick Styles for Pictures 1

Figure 14: Quick Styles for Pictures 2

Figure 15: Quick Styles for Pictures 3

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