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Anthony Barfield is a PowerPoint Games creator. Anthony has a high standard for quality and gameplay aspects. He has created many quality works which include his Pixels series. He is also the first PowerPoint Heaven contributor to utilize PowerPoint 2007 on his recent works. Check out his website at Aero Games.

Anthony's PowerPoint Games are now hosted by PowerPoint Heaven so that you can enjoy these games and also get a chance to learn more about creating games with PowerPoint.

Note: For better quality and performance, you MUST enable the “Use Hardware Graphics Acceleration” feature (Click Slide Show > Set Up Show. Put a checkmark to "Use Hardware Graphics Acceleration", Click Ok.).

Pixels Neon Series
  • Pixels Neon - Click here to enter link
    Pixels Neon is a PowerPoint maze-like game series created by Anthony Barfield. The objective of this game is to make use of your mouse to move your way to the exit by avoiding obstacles (Also known as Neon Pixels) and unlocking objects.

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  • Widgets
    Date Published: October 01, 2007
    Click here to download
    Get to the end point without hitting the laser enclosing you in. Be careful though, colorful Widgets are blocking your way!

  • Pixels Elite: Super Mario Mania Eye Catching Medal Featured Medal
    PowerPoint 2007 and above only
    Date Published: March 02, 2008
    Click here to download
    Pixels Elite: Super Mario Mania is a fan made PowerPoint Game by Anthony Barfield. Featuring 2 playing modes (Elite - a Campaign style mode, and Library - a Custom style mode), 12 mini games and endless hours of gameplay.

  • Pixel Scene Eye Catching Medal Originality Medal eCon Awards 2008: Game of the Year Featured Medal
    PowerPoint 2007 and above only
    Date Published: August 27, 2008
    Click here to download
    Are you in the mood for more than one game at a time? In Pixel Scene, you will be able to play a variety of mini games! Play a maze game, an action game, use the avatar creator, practice with targets, and so much more!

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