PowerPoint Experimental Laboratory

The files listed below are hosted on PowerPoint Heaven. Most of these are experiments and samples providing solutions for questions posted on Microsoft Office Discussion Group. Note that these files are not permanent and may be removed periodically.
  1. Zoom Test
  2. Arrows in Succession
  3. Cross out
  4. Scrolling long image in slide show
  5. Old Film/Movie Style Effect - Demonstration on old silent movie effect.
  6. Merry Go Round Text
  7. Speech Bubble Popup - Demonstration on speech bubble popping out effect.
  8. Scrolling Ticker for PowerPoint 2000
  9. Torn Sheet Effect 2 - A slightly more complex demonstration for Torn Paper Effect tutorial.
  10. Masking and Glowing Effect - Masking and Glowing on images and text using PowerPoint.
  11. Scrolling Text - Scrolling long chunk of text in slide show, using Animations or control toolbox.
  12. Scanlines - Experiment on animating lines.
  13. Running Demonstration - Anime running animation concept: Basic
  14. Running Demonstration Advance - Anime running animation concept: Advance
  15. Water Fountain Animation - Water fountain splashing effect